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High Power variable voltage mod for C7042 APB

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How would you like SH type power, the ability to adjust voltage all for next to nothing? Yes? Well read on!

You need
Craft knife
Soldering iron
solder sucker
2x R010 resistors

Difficulty level 2/10 easy enough for teenagers or adults.

Stage one, remove power connector, bend up a leg and refit.

Use solder sucker to remove solder.

Be careful there is a small track on the connector side. If it breaks just use a wire to link from the diode to the side leg.
Prise connector up when all solder has gone

bend up the end leg

Solder back onto board with remaing two legs and solder a thick wire to the bent up leg. Feed wire through 5 volt regulator hole as shown

Stage 2, cut track and solder wire to it
flip board over and with the craft knife cut through the large track shown, cut back and forth until it is cleanly cut. Check with a meter if you have one

Scrape off some of the green stuff and tin the track with some solder. Now solder the wire to the track

Stage 3, add two resistors to double the current trip point
Identify the two resistors R010 in the centre of this photo. Add extra solder either end as shown.

Now solder your new R010 resistors (size 2512) directly on top.

Use a standard C7024 power supply for the untouched connector (this powers the computer)
Use a 0-15V 20-30 Amp power supply for the modified connector (this goes to the power section)

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Like Billy Cart, I had trouble seeing what was done in Stages 2 & 3.
Any chance there would be a closeup diagram showing what goes where?

Thanks for the great work.... Now to appease the dual analogue fans.

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Thanks, Riko.

Excellent work, as usual.

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QUOTE (RikoRocket @ 27 Jun 2011, 23:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Finally with the new resistors in place


I cannot see any difference! Do you see a difference? I see the R010 pieces but where is the added resistor? Is is parallel to the R010 resistors?

Must be my old eyes failing me or ....?

Sorry for the rant... but I don't think this is a 2/10 mod if you have poor eyesight.

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Thanks, Mr. F.

Could not see the forest for the trees in this case.

I might pass on this too.... rather than ruin an APB....

There are so many mods coming right now.... In-Car Pro. etc. .... it may be worthwhile letting the dust settle first.

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QUOTE (RikoRocket @ 28 Jun 2011, 16:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It is easily reversed if you want to put the APB back to standard.

Let the dust settle? Too many mods? I thought people wanted this one...

Ha, ha...

You have not read my quotation at the bottom of my signature... I am still in design mode with a myriad of other "projects" standing between me and working on the track.

Don't be mistaken... this progress is great... but I am still catching up with the last round of mods BEFORE the APB came out.

I will probably do like Mr. F. and buy an APB mainly for the dual analogue feature. Still have to make the most of my C7030 PB-Pro + S-H (another piece of excellent work by you guys).

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QUOTE (RikoRocket @ 29 Jun 2011, 02:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hey, you can get dual lane analogue with PB-Pro SH, you just need a relay and a few wires... I did a thread somewhere.

I had thought of that but then "what if I mess it up?" I have downloaded the thread for future reference. Is it also a 2/10 in difficulty?

If I knew about this mod before I got RichG (or was it you) to upgrade it for me, I would have had it done before shipping. But....

OK, maybe I should stop whinging (sp?) and get on with it.

Back to your wonderful mods.... and back to my "projects" (as initiated by myself or SWMBO) which are a higher priority to my slot track.

Oh ya, then there is the mandatory vacation ....

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Can you share some pictures of the PB separation for both models? I ask for both so we can compare the jobs for the connectors. There are other pictures on this forum for the PB-Pro but not many of the APB separation connectors.
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QUOTE (lee thorndike @ 15 Jul 2012, 12:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi sealevel is this what you wanted
View attachment 10257

Thanks, Lee.
I see the RJ45 wiring and the female to female connector (this is what I planned to use) for the data line.
What type of connectors are those labelled "1" and "2" for each PB?

Thanks Simon,
I see your friend used USB connectors (4 lines per connector) which are not as easy to install as a panel RJ45 socket (which has wire clip positions to connect the wires). And are those Molex connectors for the power?

Thanks again to both of you for sharing! Very tidy and professional work on both of your PBs.
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Thanks, Lee.
I could not find the wiring/connectors on the Pelmet site so assume that they are 2 wire adapters which can only be plugged in the correct way (polarized) right?.

Thanks again for sharing.
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Same type of caps... 103M or some other type?

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