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High Power variable voltage mod for C7042 APB

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How would you like SH type power, the ability to adjust voltage all for next to nothing? Yes? Well read on!

You need
Craft knife
Soldering iron
solder sucker
2x R010 resistors

Difficulty level 2/10 easy enough for teenagers or adults.

Stage one, remove power connector, bend up a leg and refit.

Use solder sucker to remove solder.

Be careful there is a small track on the connector side. If it breaks just use a wire to link from the diode to the side leg.
Prise connector up when all solder has gone

bend up the end leg

Solder back onto board with remaing two legs and solder a thick wire to the bent up leg. Feed wire through 5 volt regulator hole as shown

Stage 2, cut track and solder wire to it
flip board over and with the craft knife cut through the large track shown, cut back and forth until it is cleanly cut. Check with a meter if you have one

Scrape off some of the green stuff and tin the track with some solder. Now solder the wire to the track

Stage 3, add two resistors to double the current trip point
Identify the two resistors R010 in the centre of this photo. Add extra solder either end as shown.

Now solder your new R010 resistors (size 2512) directly on top.

Use a standard C7024 power supply for the untouched connector (this powers the computer)
Use a 0-15V 20-30 Amp power supply for the modified connector (this goes to the power section)

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that looks like a bargain compared to the one i purchased from maplins a few years ago.The fun part begins when you try and find the jack plugs that fit into the apb....
nice find Zipp.They were hard to find..The funny size is the id.
should i answer for Colin.?? Well here goes,that is exactly how i power my apb. 2 leads out of the banana sockets into the sockets of the apb.

Using the psu leftover from the pbpro days.. Variable voltage.

I have ran it at 13.8v for a while but as ssdc has the power options built in i now crank it upto 15v.
psu for that money with the amps available is fantastic value for money..
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and hears another parallel. Have had the joy of owning and using pbpro +sh and have now swapped some time ago to C7042 apb and have not found the need to do any mods to it,apart from firmware and seperation from track.

That said i do use ssdc so can vary the output to the cars at a click of a button and although i did keep the monster psu from pbpro days it always stays at 13.8v.

It runs 6 cars no problem at all on coppertaped routed track.

One other comparison is when pbpro was configured to run 2 lane analouge you got the same 8 amps as what the apb can provide to the rails.
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from memory the stall after the start finish line with pb pro only occured if you used throttle based settings rather than pb based settings.

Andy spent many hours trying to eradicate it but it is a bug within the pb pro code itself.

The good news is that it is not a feature of the apb as it communicates with the pquicker.
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Most apb have 2 sockets for psu connection.

Realised after posting that Yes you have had to use both.
I have a feeling that this mod might mean single lane analouge only
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If you perform the high power mod just leave the flippers standard,25a is a nice psu to be using it will power everything and some.
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Chris,from memory quite a few members have used pyramid psu to good effect.
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Nice reply and well done on your work.
and your patience,waited ten years to get it running properly.

Yes you need more amps with your cars,so one stock psu for the pb and the high amp one for the track.

Splitting like above means that you can vary the volts to the track and the pb itself remains at is own 15v.
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Yes you need a Scalextric 15v psu and your chosen variable voltage high amp psu,you should then be able to wind the voltage down to around the 9 volt mark,any lower and the lc sections fail to operate .
Unfortunately Riko's work keeps him away from home quite a bit at the present so not around to help but you are definately heading in the right direction 👌

Obviously it's not a good idea to use the pb with both psu's plugged in at the present time.
Apologies Chris if you think my post was meant to undermine you,let me assure you it wasn't meant that way 😉and your advice/input is always valuable 😊

Just highlighting to Billy that he might not get a reply from the inventor of the mod 👍
You can drop down to approx 9 volts but any lower and the flippers start getting very lazy,I run mine at 13.8v and just use the software to tame unruly cars,but having said that I don't run anything with Scaley ff type motors anymore.
Always ran mine @13.8v 👍🏼, because there was an indent on the pot/switch that was convenient.

From there just said the desired speed from within the rms 😉.
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