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When I was a boy my dad bought a Volvo P1800 and I have loads of fond memories of been driven around the country being in charge of the overdrive button. I'd like to recreate those memories with the opportunity to take a Sunday drive on my track.

Well I know Highway make a kit of the P1800 but before I start trying to track one down I'd like to canvass opinions on the quality of the kit - all opinions welcomed and if anyone knows a source even better.


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I have this kit although I haven't got round to building it yet. It is a fairly accurate representation of the car but the bodyshell is no lightweight and it's not going to perform well as a slot car. When I do build it I will Dremel out the shell to an acceptable thickness and weight.

If it is a car that brings back nostalgic, feel good childhood memories for you then I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.


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I've a couple of Highway kits and would recommend them. The first was an MG1300 which I was given due to family connections in the past. The model was built to represent a specific car and so is also a Sunday drive.

More pictures and details of build.

Highways are made by Traffic Models and are easy to build and need very little cleaning up. They are not slot racers though. The Volvo like my MG 1300 comes with white metal parts which make for better detailing than other resin kits but adds extra to the overall weight. The quality of the resin is much better than some of the more commercial makers.

The kit is still listed on Traffics site so assume it is still available from them.
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