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Welcome to my blog! I'll be posting updates and information on the development of the 3D printed SL-1 chassis. Along with bodies, and other custom parts.

Some background on the SL-1
The SL-1 chassis was developed primarily to be a flexible platform for HO customizers. It is one of the narrowest & lowest chassis available, with a fully adjustable wheelbase, making it ideal for open-wheeled bodies such as formula cars, dragsters, and vintage automobiles. It also frees designers from having to distort a body design to fit on traditional chassis types. True proportioned body styles are now viable with the SL-1. Like the roadster body shown above, the chassis can fit anything from a Lotus 7 to a tour bus.

View attachment 3496

The chassis is backwards compatible with T-Jet style body posts for those wishing to fit existing screw-on bodies. Adaptor body clips are available for AFX Magnatraction/AW, Tyco 440-X2 Wide Body, and Mega G+.

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It is designed around the N20 can motor. Similar spec to those used in the new Mega G+ cars. It can be fitted with any axle diameters the builder chooses. Because of it's narrow design, trimming of the crown gear's shoulder is necessary.

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Front end options feature 3-position front axle holes, and various methods for fitting braids, and other pickup systems. It uses standard T-jet style guide pins, with custom bade options available. Other front ends are in development to create the look of a typical front suspension for open-wheeled cars, and possibly steerable front wheels/guide flag.

There is also a magnet version in development which I hope to make available Spring 2016.

And I'm wide open to ideas of specific improvements, new body styles, or custom parts. Let me know what you're looking for... if there is enough interest, I'll build it.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Jim
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