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Ho scale buildings

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I've just purchased a Ho set and I'm wondering if Triang buildings are the correct scale for an Ho layout or could somebody advise me on which buildings are the correct scale.


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Triang buildings and trackside accessories are generally 1/32. Some, such as bridges can look OK next to a HO track.
For proper HO scale, use railway scenery, or search for Faller. They make plenty of HO pieces.

ho or oo scale is from memory 1:74 or 1:72 and ho cars are 1:64 so they will be pretty close.
Ho scale is 3.5mm to the foot... OO scale is 4mm to the foot.... not a lot of difference as ade says... a six ft person in Ho would be 21mm or 24mm in OO...
You can get a away with a lot with some clever forced perspective trickery.
Thanks for the advice guys I'll have a look around.


Are you coming to Gaydon for the Festival?

Which set to you get by the way?
When I said set I should of said bulk buy from eBay loads of track and a gt40 plus the ghost racer set and a Porsche.
I've had some really good guidance from Andy Player on what to buy and where from.

I won't be at gaydon due to health reasons but my 2 cohorts in the magazine will be there.

Cheers Wayne.
Look up Triang Minic Motorways on Fleabay.
They made lovely pit buildings with a press box on top, a Le-Mans style footbridge & a stop/start timekeepers style building.They also sold fencing & flagpoles.Also look out for their pit lane figures. Quite rare, but not as expensive as they ought to be.
All can still be had at a very reasonable price.
I've got a triang kiosk type thing that I bought to use with my 1:32 layout but its way too small so thought it might work with my Ho instead.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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