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When I raced HO slot cars I used hollow front and rear axles as well as hollow armature shafts. If you want to run with the big dogs you need every edge you can get
Think about that for a minute, tiny HO car axles are a LOT lighter than 1/32nd scale car axles and they made a difference. Not a big difference but enough.

The axles are normally made of stainless steel that is used for hypodermic syringes. Oddly enough (at least to people like me that never go to hospitals) they make some really fat syringe tubes
I don't want to know what the big needles are for. Anyway, these tubes don't flex that much and are very round so they are usually less likely to bend than your regular axles. I'd imagine drill blank axles are right up there with rigidity as well but weigh a ton, compared to hollow axles.
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