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A few months back I picked up a rather sorry looking Airfix-MRRC Honda F1 with a view to renovating it - never thought I'd actually get around to doing it of course. Well, that's forums for you I suppose!

I began by stripping it down to it's component parts and giving it a general clean up:

Quite a few parts were missing: one mirror, suspension detail, drivers head and the underside of the nose. The nose was a bit of a curiosity in itself as it appeared to have a slight "V" indent and was a little short compared to my Model Cars plans. Maybe it ran like this somewhere or maybe I just had more missing from the car than I first thought?

Anyway, I set about correcting it as follows:

Armed with a tube of Chip & Dent filler and aluminium car repair mesh I made a small bridge to the underside of the nose:

This was held in place using Araldite Rapid.

After a quick fill (not one of howmet's snack breaks I might add), I lengthened the nose by gluing on a small piece of plasticard,

sanded it to shape and then hollowed it out by drilling a few small holes, finishing off the inside with a small Minicraft grinder.

Next I added more mesh and filler to cover the steering mechanism and rear motor mount cut-outs and ground out the inside of the shell to give as much room for the motor as possible:

Still more work to do but now on with the chassis...
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Got an airfix cooper spare if you want and a super shells sharknose
David do you want to run this f1 proxy down your end of the country later in the year I have a couple of suitable candidates in my collection I would be willing to send , set up the rules and regs and name the day it sounds good
Ok Rocky name the date I have a Lotus 24 ready to go .
Ill drop you a pm with some ideas david Trev May came up to one of ours so he might help if you plan to use the south end track
Beejay Ive finaly found the Ferrari the bad news is theres an exhaust missing .

The good news is Ive found the supershells chassis kit which goes with it .

Ill pop it in the post tommorrow.

One day Ill catalogue all the bits and pieces Ive got here it'll take about a year!!!
Tropi I havent published a pic on this thread yet but to answer your question I use an scd block dont know what john uses I'll post a pic of my lotus on fates thread if star photos working now
1 - 6 of 69 Posts
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