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A few months back I picked up a rather sorry looking Airfix-MRRC Honda F1 with a view to renovating it - never thought I'd actually get around to doing it of course. Well, that's forums for you I suppose!

I began by stripping it down to it's component parts and giving it a general clean up:

Quite a few parts were missing: one mirror, suspension detail, drivers head and the underside of the nose. The nose was a bit of a curiosity in itself as it appeared to have a slight "V" indent and was a little short compared to my Model Cars plans. Maybe it ran like this somewhere or maybe I just had more missing from the car than I first thought?

Anyway, I set about correcting it as follows:

Armed with a tube of Chip & Dent filler and aluminium car repair mesh I made a small bridge to the underside of the nose:

This was held in place using Araldite Rapid.

After a quick fill (not one of howmet's snack breaks I might add), I lengthened the nose by gluing on a small piece of plasticard,

sanded it to shape and then hollowed it out by drilling a few small holes, finishing off the inside with a small Minicraft grinder.

Next I added more mesh and filler to cover the steering mechanism and rear motor mount cut-outs and ground out the inside of the shell to give as much room for the motor as possible:

Still more work to do but now on with the chassis...
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Well, I still can't see any of the images but the topic is intriguing

QUOTE Guys, I think a proxy race would be great at some point - if only to see all these great old cars lined up together. What a sight for sore eyes that would be

And, despite my comment that I would never venture another one of these minature sausages again, I must confess that when I ordered the replacement shell for my Eagle, I added a Lotus 49, a Cooper Maserati (so ungainly that it is appealing) and a March 701 to the order (this is in addition to the Supershells BRM and shark-nose Ferrari already on the shelf)

If we wanted to mail cars around, there will be, by the fall, two 4 lane routed tracks in this (Baltimore MD) area that could be added to the circuit.

QUOTE I also said I wouldn't pick up a soldering iron again and my chassis aren't anything more than a frame to connect the wheels and motor together and hold the body in place

Me thinks the lad doth protest too much! Just hold the wheels together indeed - that Lotus 49 chassis has twists and bends that would do a Microsoft screen saver proud.

QUOTE Sorry to hear about your Photobucket Blues EM - there's some lovely engineering in howmet's M7A thread and David's 49B all-in-one chassis concept is quite stunning. Hope you get to see it all very soon.

I'm back in business - did Photobucket just coincidentally come backup when I cleared my browser cache or is there a lesson here?

QUOTE Trouble is it's hot enough to roast a bison up in the loft right now.

Becoming quite popular here - to my taste, better than most beef with the added advantage of having a very low fat content.

I like the mirror trick although I'm not quite clear how it is done - is the nail head bent 90 degrees to form the mirror face and then wire wrapped to provide bulk before finishing the shape with putty?

QUOTE I also got my 67 Ferrari shell from Chas Keeling, real little beauty but very, very narrow, only option I can see for this one is either a Beardog Mini motor or perhaps one of the new Scaley Moto GP motors, (if I can get hold of one!).

The TMM motor has exactly the same cross section as the BearDog motor - just about 50% longer.

QUOTE Hey EM,how about a pic of the Mnini Motor endbell and gear I sent you.

I'm trying to excavate the debris left from the LAS Vegas preparations - as soon as I find it, I'll post it.

1 - 6 of 69 Posts
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