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Sorry about the late start, but this was only giich the sort of thing you get when you move home.
but I do think the set went well and it can only get better as we get things sorted how we want
them with tables and maybe a different cupboard in the hall for storage , but you got to start somewhere
this may take a couple of weeks but I will be working on it.
It will become a slick operation if everyone has there own jobs to do with the setup we should be able to cut
the time right down.
And yes it was a good nights racing, and well done to Deane for getting new people to the door, lets hope
we can move forward from here..
There is a little bit of work to be done on the track at the end of the short straight ,about two hours should sort that out
and I will ask for access at some time to sort this, but would need a hand to get the boards out of the cupboard
maybe a Saturday or Sunday if I could get it, and we may even be able to get a bit of practice in as well for the 6 hour race.
I will post any news when I know .Well everyone for making it happen..
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