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I took "original Scalextric Mini" to mean a C76 front wheel drive Mini. A magnet might help gain traction at the front but would probably burn the motor out pretty quick!

If it's a C7 rear wheel drive Mini with either the RX or the Johnson motor then they're pretty good as they come as long as they have decent tyres. You can't better perfection
, and the RX does give a fair bit of mag effect from it's motor. These Minis are an absolute hoot to drive.

The Clubmans are the worst in standard form. I've seen people lower the guide mount and fix the front axle to make them a lot better, but even then they're not as good as a standard C7.

Then we get to the later C7 bodied cars with the awful 50p Mabuchi motors. Too powerful, with no low down motor weight, Scalextric did actually supply some of the later ones with a clip on magnet that fixed round the axle and onto the back of the motor. Probably a good idea if it's one of these you have.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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