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Not got mine in front of me

But pretty sure you just uncilp the spring and there is a screw / nut in the pivot of the trigger that should undo then it should come out


Mark R-E
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It depends on which one you have.

If it is the TruSpeeed handle (as opposed to the Parma one) then there is a small hole with a grub screw in. Remove the grub (if fitted) and then slide the trigger along the joint away from the base.

If you look from underneath you will see the three locating slots.

You could always email Steve [email protected]

Steve Hills
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Hi all.
Apologies if the web site explanation is lacking.
I have added new images to help explain the changeover. Once you've done it, it seems so simple that I've probably underestimated the difficulty of doing it for the first time.
The new trigger fits the old Parma or MB Slot versions as well as the new TruSpeed one. I've been fitting the new triggers to the old ones till the stock of 3rd party handles run out.
You don't have to dismantle the controller in any way.
As Mark says, simply remove the little grub screw visible from the side at the top of the trigger section just outside the handle body.
This uses the same Allen key as your standard slot cars ( size for wheel hubs and gears)
The trigger finger section slides off the main trigger body, and you can simply slide the other one on. It takes about 30 seconds.
It's not really necessary to fit the grub screw since the design is such that your trigger action constantly pushes the finger section into place and keeps it there.
Pop onto the web site to see the images under the spares section, and it I hope that will make it clearer.

kind regards,

Steve Hills.
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