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Greg Gaub
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I wouldn't put anything on the track unless you want to clean it all off later.

I guess if you're ONLY going to run rally on the track, and have MANY cars you don't want to set up specially for that kind of driving, then it makes a little sense to put carp on the track.
If you only plan to use a few cars and/or you want to use the track for other things, then I suggest modding the car(s) instead.
Put nail polish or super glue on the tires. If you don't want to "ruin" the tires, then get some "zero grip" tires to put on the rears so you can put the original ones back on at some point.
Of course, taking the magnet(s) out is a given. If you don't want to use glue, and/or zero grips aren't slippy enough, a friend of mine used large diameter shrink tube on his tires for his rally cars. To get them even, though, he had to shrink the tube (in narrow pieces) down onto a dowel that's just larger than the wheel it goes on, then he put it on the wheel of the car, and shrunk it the rest of the way. Be sure to keep the heat away from the car chassis and body if possible (usually by removing the rear axle entirely), and keep the wheel turning to shrink the tube evenly. In the end, it worked great, and the cars are all evenly slippery. If he ever wanted to, he could snip off the shrink tube and have normal rubber tires again.

He did try the flour trick, but that didn't give any advantage, and made a big mess that took a while to clean up.
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