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how do i design an equall lane length track

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hy, i,m going to route a track.[my ninco has so many lumps and bumps where the grandkids walk all over it]. the space is 16ft by 6ft 2 lane. i only have 2 criteria, it must have a long straight at the back with 2- 5ft6in outside radius bends on each end of the straight. the middle can be filled with anything as long as the lap lengths are roughly equall. could someone point me in the right direction. thanks. john
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IMHO, trying to make the lanes equal is a waste of time. All the reasons already mentioned should be enough, but also how often will you have two precisely equal cars AND drivers racing against each other? Usually one or the other is just a little better, and will be the winner no matter which lane they are in. If you design a lane to be handicapped, then you'll always put the better driver in that lane, and it will be UNfair. You can tweak voltage per lane, but then you're spending more time tweaking than just racing, and it's still more of a handicapping technique than a fairness one. Besides, it's next to impossible to make any track truly equal between lanes, and so you almost always rotate/trade lanes and run again to determine the real winner.

I say, just make the track design you like, don't worry about equal lanes, and rotate lanes as needed to even things out. At least then, you know it's the best driver winning, and not the best lane. And if you provide the cars, or otherwise leave the car in its own lane, so that drivers also drive both cars, and provide controllers as well, then you know it's not the lane, the car, or the controller, but just the trigger finger of the racers determining the winner.
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Randy, it's really cool that your layout is so equally matched, and that those you race with are just as good as you, with cars that are equally well setup. Can you share some tips on how to ensure equal lanes like yours, other than a bridge that ensures geometrically equal lane lengths?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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