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how do i design an equall lane length track

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hy, i,m going to route a track.[my ninco has so many lumps and bumps where the grandkids walk all over it]. the space is 16ft by 6ft 2 lane. i only have 2 criteria, it must have a long straight at the back with 2- 5ft6in outside radius bends on each end of the straight. the middle can be filled with anything as long as the lap lengths are roughly equall. could someone point me in the right direction. thanks. john
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boy that was quick, i sort of figured that a bridge would be needed, but i dont want a mirror image track, as ive wired my track with + polarity and reversing switches as well as voltage controll for the kids. it will need very long and shallow inclines and declines, because ive got some very fast metal chassis cars i dont want to launch into the walls. i,ll google trackman and take it from there. thanks for the help guys. john
crossovers are a no no for me. i like randy,s track, but what i dont like with overpasses is the lack of view of the track. i think i,ll keep it level and play around with lane spacing to give me what i want. john
i dont mind a bridge as i said in my second post. to me a crossover is is a flat cross shaped track where cars can smash into each other. john
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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