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how do i design an equall lane length track

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hy, i,m going to route a track.[my ninco has so many lumps and bumps where the grandkids walk all over it]. the space is 16ft by 6ft 2 lane. i only have 2 criteria, it must have a long straight at the back with 2- 5ft6in outside radius bends on each end of the straight. the middle can be filled with anything as long as the lap lengths are roughly equall. could someone point me in the right direction. thanks. john
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IMHO It really is a waste of time trying to make the lengths the same.

IMHO What you actually want is four lanes which give equal racing when everything else is equal, and that is a totally different thing.

Try and design a track with three lanes as equal as possible, this will probably involve drawing something which spreads the tight and open corners as much as possible, and then tweaking the real thing over and over again. You will probably find that the hardest part will be trying to ensure one lane is not head and shoulders faster.

After all that you will probably still have one 'lousy' lane, so pump a couple of extra volts to that one.

Above all try and formulate any racing on the track so that everyone gets an equal use of all lanes. Do not include a bridge unless nothing else works....

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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