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how do i design an equall lane length track

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hy, i,m going to route a track.[my ninco has so many lumps and bumps where the grandkids walk all over it]. the space is 16ft by 6ft 2 lane. i only have 2 criteria, it must have a long straight at the back with 2- 5ft6in outside radius bends on each end of the straight. the middle can be filled with anything as long as the lap lengths are roughly equall. could someone point me in the right direction. thanks. john
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An odd number of bridges and constant lane centres will give exactly equal lane lengths.
(There's more explanation here on Chris Frost's web site )

If you don't want any bridges the lane lengths can be evened up by widening the lane centres to give the outside lane a short cut.
(There's more explanation here on Chris Frost's web site )

It is worth mentioning that equal lane lengths do not necessarily mean equal lap times, although with 2 lanes the differance in times would normally be small.
QUOTE (Abarth Mike @ 20 Apr 2012, 08:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>............ It uses standard commercially available plastic track pieces to design a track and it will give you lane lengths, but if you ask it to equalize usually it puts in a crossover.
The reason it puts in a crossover to equalise is that it is impossible to make the lane lengths the same with constant lane centres and no bridges or cross overs.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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