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I'm currently working on an OCAR Chaparral 2D body, quite a challenge. A friend donated the body to me, and I've been cleaning it up and fixing a few oversights. Given my skill level (or lack thereof), I'm only hoping to get the car looking reasonable.

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some detail bits for the car. I could use mirrors, gas caps, an interior and new "glass" for the windows and headlight covers. I'll probably end up scratch-building some lights, mostly just round bits so those are easy.

Now that the body is cleaned up and repaired a bit, I'm also going to try casting a mould for it. The original OCAR body was quite rough, which has been my experience with the other OCAR bodies I have worked with. If I can get a mould, I'm going to experiment with some of the various Smooth On plastics and resins to see what sort of body I can end up with.


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