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how do you modify your cars
big tyres14.76%
big motors00.00%
remove the magnets523.81%
change the running gear00.00%
all of the above419.05%
all of the above exept magnets419.05%
none of the above733.33%

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Read the rules find the loop hole ,step thru it , now youve got an edge,
No seriously ,I dont have a standard car in my race box I cant help but tinker with them ,First blue print the chassis and body make sure they are straight specialy with proslot,true and glue the tyres, fit a deep guide ,fit straight axles ,choose a suitable gear ratio, check the ride hight( lower than a snakes belly) then tune chassis with weight if needed ,if needed replace motor for a quicker one.
Lastly if a magnet car replace magnet with a black hole.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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