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How many flippers?

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I was wondering what experience people had with the number of flippers on a track.

I am planning a routed track with standard APB with twin stock transformers. Running 6 cars with standard Scalextric 18k motors and standard SSD chips.

With 3 lanes I need at least 2 SLCs at each lane change point. The pit lane will have 2 lanes so we are talking probably 2 pit lane entries and 12 straight lane changers.

Will it handle this or do I have to go power mod to APB or separately power lane changers? I would rather be able to keep it stock so I can easily drop in spares in case of failure.
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this does look like it's going to be a superb track so i would not skimp on the power front.

I would not bother with the scaley psu's instead i would go for a fixed voltage one with a output of 15v and 15 amps as a minimum.

Then i would go for powering the flippers independently and daisy chain them up and run 2 wires from the psu to power them...

Last thing you want on a nice big club track is dips and surges for the sake of a few hours wiring and soldering..
I would do the power mod on the APB and use a variable PSU. Then you shouldn't need to power the flippers separately but you have far more control at your fingertips with just the twist of a knob you can turn the power up or down to suit.

I would also recommend doing K31THs mod to liven the flippers so that cars don't get stuck if they stop on one.

And if your doing all this I would route the whole track including lane changers and use magnabraid.

You only want to do this once! If your going to produce a great track like this - do it well!
as he is using ssdc opting for a variable voltage psu is a bit of a waste
as ssdc has the power options already installed.
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OK so the APB power mod is fairly straightforward (two resistors and some fancy soldering if I understand RikoRocket's post correctly). If I shove 15-20 amps into the circuit then flippers are not going to be a problem.

Magnabraid - I have searched SlotForum, Ebay and Googled like mad but can't find a supplier. Plenty of copper but nothing steel (unless I am happy to order 1,000 metres from Taiwan which is a bit more than we need!!!) - any ideas where I can get some folks?

Still not convinced about routed flippers simply because of my experience with the reliability of Scalextric lane changers once they are only a couple of years old.

Power taps will be incorporated between each board as well as a sprung copper connector for each rail. Connectivity will not be an issue with this track, I am determined on that point!

Thanks for the advice guys
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hi compared to coppertape magnabraid will be expensive and also increase machining time.

If it's grip you are worried about try some eurethane tyres on a wood track,they are a lot more realistic than using magnets.
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Thanks JL-F1 but that link is to tinned copper braid which isn't magnetic sadly.

Hi bigbird, I agree - I want to run magless BUT the funding for the club is on the basis of it running a dedicated club for kids aged 10-15 one night per month. I think magnets are going to be essential for races if we want to keep the marshals sane! Bear in mind this is digital so deeper wood guides are banned for the sake of protecting the sensors. We can't afford to lose the kids and anyway - they are the future adult members.

I would be happy to copper tape (easy enough to renew it every couple of years) so it will only be braid if we feel we need the downforce.

I make my own urethanes and can produce tyres with a Shore A rating of 20, 30, 40 or 50. The 20's need to be glued and only work with thicker tyres (1990's Scaley NASCARs, large and small superslix for example. The 50's work really well with the modern sportscars (GT-R, F430, 997's). A gloss surface and we should be good.

Do you think 10-15 year olds would do OK with urethanes on gloss paint and magless or should I play safe and go magnabraid?
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If they don't know any different it won't matter

If they keep comming they will learn pretty damn quick

When our track went out to the school fate it didn't have magnets

Have you seen the Playstations games they play the reaction skills required ?

Don't even work about magnuts
Fair comment, copper tape and real driver skills then!!!

QUOTE (Michael363672 @ 4 May 2012, 21:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Have you seen the Playstations games they play the reaction skills required ?

Yeah but I can still whup their a$$es bigtime on Need For Speed!!!

Mind you I have probably lost that skill since I got obsessed with slot cars! I'll just have to whup their a$$es in real (1:32) life instead!!!

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keep in mind that no more than 6 flippers will ever be triggered at one time. You could have 24 in your track, but during a race, 18 of them will be idle ALL the time, and most of the time 23 will be idle at any given time.
So yeah, doing the PB mod and a decent number of amps in the PSU, along with your exceptional plans for electrical continuity, you should be fine.
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