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How many of you would be intrested in the following cars if scalextric made them in the same presentation box as the Starsky and Hutch set.

The A Team

The Dukes of hazard

Night Rider

Being an 80's kid i know i would buy them all, given half a chance.


· Gregory Petrolati
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NO Thanks... They were lousy shows...

Now give me Steed's Bentley or Mrs. Peel's Elan... I'll be there with bells on.


· Matt Tucker
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I've no doubt that if the Starsky & Hutch set do well enough then this will be the first of more TV inspired cars - however only if the actual car can be produced in a few more liveries as I doubt Scaly would do new tooling for one car. Thus the A Team I doubt but dukes of hazard I could see.

I won't buy and my only real gripe is that it is taking precious time away from designers, modellers, factory machines from producing cars I really want - classics esp Le Mans and rally.


I've been thinking of this since i got my Starsky & hutch set, i wasn't going to bother, but someone had one at the Fly do at the Phoenix club, after i saw the detail on it, it was a must have.

But after i did get it, i wondered if Scalextric should bring out simular sets.

I don't think the A team would work, probably for the collector, but what about the single, non sport versions, i don't think Mr T's GMC would make it very far round a track without falling on it's roof, the Corvette might look and go well thought.

Kojak, that could work, i remember i had the Corgi version, in the 70's when it first hit the screens over here, if i remember it was a Buick,

the Dukes of Hazzard would be a great car to add to Scalextric line up, if they did another twin set, what about the Cop car to go with it, i think that was a Dodge Monaco.

Some how i don't think the police bike from Chips would work, the Motor GP bikes don't seem as popular as they were hiped up to be.

Anyway, if Scalextric brought out the Dukes of Hazzard set, yes i would buy one.

· Brian Ferguson
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QUOTE I won't buy and my only real gripe is that it is taking precious time away from designers, modellers, factory machines from producing cars I really want - classics esp Le Mans...


I personally can't be bothered with TV cars, especially since most were totally faked to begin with. The image is huge but the actual physical cars were, for the most part, just yawners.

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Total pass and agree that it detracts from the race cars.

I contemplated a Torino a while back when it was announced but after the L88 debacle I decided against any more rash Hornby purchases. That goes for their golden oldie F1 releases too, I want to see it in the flesh before I buy from now on.

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As long as its not the Knight Rider 2000 variant...

The Original:

Knight Rider 2000:

Seriously though as far as TV show cars go and if I had to choose - my vote would go to:

"The Return of the Saint" Jaguar XJS, which hopefully in turn, result in an TWR XJS being released.

Final choice would be an Aston Martin DBS (OHMSS/The Persuaders) one of my favourite all time cars, but too obscure for many... boo!


· Jim Moyes
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I'm in the "forget the gimmicks, give us more competition cars" camp too! I think Carrera are going to do the racing Torinos, aren't they? Yet no mention of Hornby making the most of their mould in that direction. Perhaps next year!


· Julius Wilkko
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I´d like to see Miami Vice cars. Crocketts Ferrari Daytona Spyder and White Ferrari Testarossa and Tubbs 1964 Cadillac convertible.

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