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99 counted last night!

I ought to throw a party for the 100th!

38 Fly
25 Scalextric
18 Ninco
3 Carrera
2 Proslot
1 Racer

All modern era plasti-chasis. All stripped of their magnets. All in running condition.

Mostly F1 & late 60's/early 70's Le Mans with a smattering of GT1, GT, Can-Am, DTM & Gr 5.

All are favs except for about 6 or 7 Scalextric F1's from mid 90's (think yellow green Benetton's etc), they're OK in their own right but look out of place next to the latest generation of models And don't get me started on Scaley's first West McLaren relivery of their 6 year old body with the bad wheels etc (I can't believe I bought this car!!!)

Picking 3 is damn near impossibe!!!!

Tough choice and although my Racer Ferrari P4 is a fav, as are the Fly 512 Coda Lungas, Fly 908's, 917's, and Scaley GT-40's I am sticking with this set if I get sent to purgatory and can only take three cars.

The Fly Ferrari and Lola were early additions to my collection and sat tucked away for a couple of years as my HO fancy moved up to 1:32. They were bought on a business trip to London a few years back. Took a Saturday morning train to Leighton Buzzard and dropped into the MRE shop. A great day!

The C1 could be classified as my first 'girlfriend' in the 1:32 world so she'll always have a special place in my heart.

The McLaren F1 GTR Gulf is a beauty!!! Great lines, super runner with the NC-1 and no magnet...
I wish they would make more...(I have the Harrods and Fina versions, and am contemplating downpowering the Fina into NC-1 spec). The Harrods and Gulf cars were bought (second hand but still mint in box) over the internet from Phil Smith in the UK. A fair price at the time, but less than today. A good deal and great service.

Take care!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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