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Despite trying to solely buy cars for racing I am slowly falling into the trap of purchasing far more than is needed - and there's always a faster or car that someone else is racing so I have to buy one as well!!

So I probably have something like 170 at the moment which are raceworthy and about another 30 whose tyres will never touch the plexi track.

Plus a stretch Metro and Porchse/Metro "cut -n-shut" job.

Favourites at the moment have to be:

SCX Audi R8 "gorgeous duck egg blue" Gulf livery!
SCX Jaguar F1 De La Rosa - a race winner straight from the box - sadly last night of that class tonight.
third place is difficult as so many but on current form it's a toss up between the Audi 4x4 or the SRS2 Le Mans White Jaguar.

Althought the new Pajero could be fun in the post 2000 Rally class and a new favourite.

As to Farnham Nerfee having something he got when he was 13 and has been abusing for 29 (and the rest) years - I will only commen that children can read this forum, too.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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