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QUOTE What do you mean approx?
LOL! It does sound silly to the organized population, but listen to this . . .

I have most stacked in boxes on my bed-head.
There are a few on the bedroom window-sill.
A few on the bedroom 'dressing-table'.
Could be one or two under the bed.
Would not surprise me if I found one IN the bed somewhere!
A few on the dining room table.
Odd ones in the kitchen.
Dozens on the settee.
A few in the back seat of the car.
A few in the boot (trunk) of the car.
Could be the odd one in the office!

So I THINK I have just under a hundred (approximately )!

Top three? Impossible to answer!
Particular fondness for
1960's Monogram F1 Ferrari - it consistently won races against scratch-builts.
1990s Scalextric Minis - magnets extracted - pigs to drive, but THAT's the challenge!
1990s SCX Volvo 850 - because it drives like a real one!
But I love all the hi-mag modern Scaleyflies too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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