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As most of us my collection is no where near the master (Rob!).

I have approx. 870+ cars, all the Scalextric buildings. Most, 85%, are Scalextric the rest are SCX, Vanquish MG, Ninco and kits. No FLY (apart from one for racing). Collection loving displayed in glass cabinets all the empty boxes are packed away in the loft. (very understanding wife!).

Favorite cars:

Chrome MG Metro on Plinth from Hornby Executive desk
Team Slot MG 6R4 'Belga'
The Crystal Clear Jaguar XJ220 and Lambo from Hornby
All of the Spanish Exin F1 and Rally cars - they are great.

The above are from the collection, in terms of racing:

Ninco Mc Laren F1 GTR (Ninco NC1) - Fab! and closest racing.
Scalextric BRM with no underpants (Most will know what I mean) - about the only car I can beat Mr. Material with!!!
Ninco Go-Karts - again the closest races
Any SCX Rally car (especially if I slip a pro turbo, pro tyres on without anyone noticing!)

The cars I really want, but no one is making at present is an MGA roadster from Le Mans and a racing/rallying MG B - notice the trend (MG Historic Rally car in the garage 1:1 Scale!)

1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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