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· Jim Moyes
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Awwww Slik!

Now I'll have to start again!

one two three........


· Jim Moyes
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Counting update.

I have two Bum Slots!

Oh no, wait, thats an anatomical problem isn't it?

Nope, definitely says Fiat 131 Abarth and Mercedes Benz W154.


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Hey guys my first post.

I have approximately 262 cars. My favorites are:

Scalextric GT40 modified with BWA wheels front and back
Spirit B98/10 (Mas Slot edition) tuned for real use
Fly Lola T70 C37

But, I am in the process of trying to find a Top Slot 917 Long tail to put together. Can anyone help me find it?

Mike Gayle

· Jim Moyes
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I also have 2 Autoarts and an Artin.

Now how many did I say in the previous post?

Doh! Back again later!


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..difficult question - about 180 1/32-cars and 50 1/24-cars - not counted the numerous cars in building process!
My favourites:
1. custom build Strombekker cheetah on MoMo-chassis
2. fibre-glass Alcan-BRM on Schoeler-Chassis
3. Carrera Porsche Carrera C6 with racing chassis ( from 1968
1. Fly Euser-marcos, no-mag
2. Carrera Bentley new chassis
3. Ninco Callaway-Corvette, no-mag
I'm wondering a little if there are more slotters here which are driving 1/24-scale-cars?

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Hello all!

Collection size is 400+, like most the majority being Scalextric but also well represented are Ninco, SCX, Carrera and Fly with a smattering of Reprotec, Revell and Auto Art.
The racing stable contains 40+ cars and there must be in excess of 50 in various states of repair, rebuild or just plain knackered.

My three favourites without hesitation are:
1) My well used and abused 29 year old Scalextric C050 JPS Lotus #8 (Present from my parents for my 13th birthday - Sentimental fool!)
2) Ninco McLaren F1 GTR (NC1 version - Tag Heuer livery)
3) Scalextric Audi Coupe Quattro (Most tail-out fun and best company leaving gift ever)

Like Slik I've been fortunate enough to see Slotraccoon's collection - envy would be an understatement.

· Ric Woods
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My paltry 63 or so isn't nearly enough! Must buy more!

This week's favourites are

1. Fly GT1-98 Porsche (the one that came 2nd at Le Mans)
2. Ferrari 512CL No.12 (the yellow one)
3. SCX Xsara (no-magged) (yes, Inte) which I got at M/K for £15

Don't have any on order at the moment, but plenty in mind....


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As most of us my collection is no where near the master (Rob!).

I have approx. 870+ cars, all the Scalextric buildings. Most, 85%, are Scalextric the rest are SCX, Vanquish MG, Ninco and kits. No FLY (apart from one for racing). Collection loving displayed in glass cabinets all the empty boxes are packed away in the loft. (very understanding wife!).

Favorite cars:

Chrome MG Metro on Plinth from Hornby Executive desk
Team Slot MG 6R4 'Belga'
The Crystal Clear Jaguar XJ220 and Lambo from Hornby
All of the Spanish Exin F1 and Rally cars - they are great.

The above are from the collection, in terms of racing:

Ninco Mc Laren F1 GTR (Ninco NC1) - Fab! and closest racing.
Scalextric BRM with no underpants (Most will know what I mean) - about the only car I can beat Mr. Material with!!!
Ninco Go-Karts - again the closest races
Any SCX Rally car (especially if I slip a pro turbo, pro tyres on without anyone noticing!)

The cars I really want, but no one is making at present is an MGA roadster from Le Mans and a racing/rallying MG B - notice the trend (MG Historic Rally car in the garage 1:1 Scale!)


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Welcome Gemlewd (?) and Farnham Nerfer, sorry, Nerfee.

At the last count the Wankel Collection numbered dangerously close to 200 wagons. What's that you say? My wife can view this? Shoot!

Like the Mooster Man my favourites change almost weekly but the constant smiles are reserved for;
  • SCX Lancia 037 can't decide on favourite livery
  • Ninco Alfa 155 Martini
  • SCX Mazda 787B (the white one just edges it)
Latest aquisition, Fly Capri out of Gaugemaster's unboxed demo bargain bin for £15

On order, SCX Dome and DTM Merc.

Looking forward to; Cartrix NSX and Fly GT-40

· Jamie Coles
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Despite trying to solely buy cars for racing I am slowly falling into the trap of purchasing far more than is needed - and there's always a faster or car that someone else is racing so I have to buy one as well!!

So I probably have something like 170 at the moment which are raceworthy and about another 30 whose tyres will never touch the plexi track.

Plus a stretch Metro and Porchse/Metro "cut -n-shut" job.

Favourites at the moment have to be:

SCX Audi R8 "gorgeous duck egg blue" Gulf livery!
SCX Jaguar F1 De La Rosa - a race winner straight from the box - sadly last night of that class tonight.
third place is difficult as so many but on current form it's a toss up between the Audi 4x4 or the SRS2 Le Mans White Jaguar.

Althought the new Pajero could be fun in the post 2000 Rally class and a new favourite.

As to Farnham Nerfee having something he got when he was 13 and has been abusing for 29 (and the rest) years - I will only commen that children can read this forum, too.

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Thanks for the advice j-c, you and the rest of the Staff Room are obviously well experienced with dealing with such matters.

"Gorgeous" Duck-egg blue?
Sounds very Ikea.

So why only 200 cars at your time of life, do you only buy the "pretty" ones?

Has Mr Material finished counting yet? Has he managed to count more than his 21 digits?

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Approx. 150-160 cars. Oldest cars are from 1963 when I got my first scalextric track. Two Coopers C58 and a Vanwall C55 which are still working and in good shape.

TOP THREE (all without magnet)

1. Proslot Porsche 911 GT2

2. Scalextric Ford GT40 mk I

3. FLY Porsche 917K


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99 counted last night!

I ought to throw a party for the 100th!

38 Fly
25 Scalextric
18 Ninco
3 Carrera
2 Proslot
1 Racer

All modern era plasti-chasis. All stripped of their magnets. All in running condition.

Mostly F1 & late 60's/early 70's Le Mans with a smattering of GT1, GT, Can-Am, DTM & Gr 5.

All are favs except for about 6 or 7 Scalextric F1's from mid 90's (think yellow green Benetton's etc), they're OK in their own right but look out of place next to the latest generation of models And don't get me started on Scaley's first West McLaren relivery of their 6 year old body with the bad wheels etc (I can't believe I bought this car!!!)

Picking 3 is damn near impossibe!!!!

Tough choice and although my Racer Ferrari P4 is a fav, as are the Fly 512 Coda Lungas, Fly 908's, 917's, and Scaley GT-40's I am sticking with this set if I get sent to purgatory and can only take three cars.

The Fly Ferrari and Lola were early additions to my collection and sat tucked away for a couple of years as my HO fancy moved up to 1:32. They were bought on a business trip to London a few years back. Took a Saturday morning train to Leighton Buzzard and dropped into the MRE shop. A great day!

The C1 could be classified as my first 'girlfriend' in the 1:32 world so she'll always have a special place in my heart.

The McLaren F1 GTR Gulf is a beauty!!! Great lines, super runner with the NC-1 and no magnet...
I wish they would make more...(I have the Harrods and Fina versions, and am contemplating downpowering the Fina into NC-1 spec). The Harrods and Gulf cars were bought (second hand but still mint in box) over the internet from Phil Smith in the UK. A fair price at the time, but less than today. A good deal and great service.

Take care!

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As of last count for me, I was shocked that I had broke the 150 car mark. Up to 156! Can't believe I have spent so much on this hobby
Tough to pick just three......

1) MRRC clubman 275LM
2) Vanquish MG Lola T-260
3) Ninco Calloway C12 LeMans!

This list is alway subject to change on Garage owners whim!

P.S. Just joined cool sight!
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