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How to automatically resize your photos

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It seems a lot of people have trouble setting the size of their photos - either thumbnails or way too big.

I use Photobucket and managed to preset the size of my photos. Here is a link telling you how to do it. Never mind the content!


You will also find it a good idea to add a space line, hit return, between photos so they don't butt up together.
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The only issue with having only a low resolution original comes when you want to use the image for something else, like advertising an event or club.

I have to spend so much time at work explaining to folks why their internet sized photo is not suitable for use on a sign or a vehicle wrap, banner or billboard.

Always shoot your photos at the highest resolution and lowest compression that your camera will handle. You never know when they may be needed for another purpose. Resize or crop them using your photohosting site before posting.

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Then dump them off onto DVD occasionally.
It's not like you have wait until the whole drive is full Dopamine.
Figured you'd work that one out.

I keep a database with details of each photo and a thumbnail and the number of the disc it's on. I need to be able to retrieve hi-res photos on call.

Even from the point of view of the happy snapper I will always recommend shoot and store in full resolution. You never know when one shot is going to be 'magic' that you want to blow up into a large format print or whatever. Shots can't always be restaged.
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The comment was due to Graham's concerns of rapidly filling hard drive.

Even if you have TBs of storage, back up is a must. Or it is for me anyway.
Again, what if something happens to the all of the kiddies attending that party the following week, say school bus crash (may the gods forbid). All the parents are probably going to want decent copies of the photos that you have taken at the party. Something like that can not be restaged. Why not make sure that the photos are worthwhile? You don't know when you're going to snap a gem of Miss Four with a facefull of cake or being bopped over the head by Master 5.

Most people don't think to change the settings on their camera. Therefore it is better and safer to leave them set high.

But anyway, that's just my opinion garnered from 20 odd years of photography and working in graphics in some way shape or form. Some of them very odd indeed.
Yup. I'll drink to that.
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