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How to automatically resize your photos

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It seems a lot of people have trouble setting the size of their photos - either thumbnails or way too big.

I use Photobucket and managed to preset the size of my photos. Here is a link telling you how to do it. Never mind the content!


You will also find it a good idea to add a space line, hit return, between photos so they don't butt up together.
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That should do the trick. It is possible that Photobucket also applys some compression when it resizes the image and that could degrade the image quality. You might want to compare a picture the has been resized with Photobucket with one that was done with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Elements. Somewhere buried in Windows is Paint, which can be used to resize images. I leave my camera set for full sized images and those are 4288 pixels wide. On my monitor an 1800 or so pixel wide picture fills the screen, so when I edit pictures for display I make them 1600 pixels wide. For the pictures that I do for the Internet I normally make them 640 or 800 pixels wide. Once in a while I go crazy and post a 1000 pixel wide picture. degrade image
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