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How to automatically resize your photos

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It seems a lot of people have trouble setting the size of their photos - either thumbnails or way too big.

I use Photobucket and managed to preset the size of my photos. Here is a link telling you how to do it. Never mind the content!


You will also find it a good idea to add a space line, hit return, between photos so they don't butt up together.
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Er, are DVDs bigger in Australia, Embs?

DVD = 8.5GB roughly (17GB if double sided). That'a a damn small hard drive
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I agree with you that it's best always to shoot at the best possible resolution and quality, but why on earth mess about with dozens (hundreds?) of DVDs when you can have an external drive plugged in to your computer or kept in your pocket?

Take photo, burn to DVD, reference, store. Need photo, find DVD ref, find DVD, put it in the drive, find picture, take DVD out, repeat for the next picture on a different DVD. Seems illogical and time consuming. I too need to access high-res photos daily. It would drive me nuts having 600GB (my commercial library) of images stored on 50 or so DVDs. I have mine on 4 hard drives: my main PC's hard drive, another back-up hard drive permanently plugged in to the PC, a further back-up drive in a safe place at home and one kept off site that's backed-up monthly. However, if DVDs suit you, that's great. I was just surprised to hear someone still recommending DVDs as a storage medium, especially as their capacity is so small.
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