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How to automatically resize your photos

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It seems a lot of people have trouble setting the size of their photos - either thumbnails or way too big.

I use Photobucket and managed to preset the size of my photos. Here is a link telling you how to do it. Never mind the content!


You will also find it a good idea to add a space line, hit return, between photos so they don't butt up together.
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Well my photos are taken on the lowest camera setting (640 x 480) and they look fine, don't they?

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I take high resolution photos too, but only when I think they may be needed for artwork. A 3Mb photo does no one any good except the hard drive manufacturers. The volume of photos I take for my business would fill a hard drive in no time.
I agree Dopamine. I also use hard drives both as back up and extra storage capacity. It's the videos I take that gobble up the most storage space!

But, back on topic, whether you take high resolution all the time or just sometimes, having them automatically resized on Photobucket, which is completely independent from your own storage system, is always a good idea.
Absolutely, but I can't see any reason to take family snaps of a kiddies birthday party in high res.

And back-up? Absolutely essential. I lost all once. Never again. My system, and I mean my whole system, programmes and data, backs up automatically every night while I'm asleep or on this forum.

Oh, and another thing. People take hi-res photos of their property and send us about fifty by email. Doh!
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Well take em in hi-res by all means and store them on your hard-drive, DVD or PC, but let Photobucket resize automatically on their way to the forum. That way you'll never end up with those irritating thumbnails or a rap over the knuckles from a moderator.
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