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Not sure if this is the place for it but when I ran the Letchworth scalex club we raced like a real race. If you deslotted you were out. we'd only race for 10 laps as few could stay on that long. Often the winner was who came off last.

Also last meeting before Easter and Christmas hols we'd have rally night with individual events against the clock. Events were: DRAG RACE. just a load of straights and an on/off switch (and a lump of sponge to catch the cars). Usually won by a maestro, god knows why. HILL CLIMB. Each competitor tries to get to the top of an 8 foot length of track one end of which is gradually raised until the best car can only get up it. This was pre magnets so not as easy as it might be today. PIT STOP. A small oval of track with a pitstop and a crossover on the opposite side. One lane o f the pitstop is set to divert and the other to straight through. Starting on the straight through lane drivers would do 1 lap and come into the pitlane. Nearby would be an old axle with tyres on and 2 spare tyres. They had to stop the car, remove the old tyres, fit the new ones and roll the axle to show the tyres were on true, a marshall would give the OK on this and then the car woyuld leave the pit lane and return to the start and so stop the timer. This was always a good night with small prizes for the winners in each age group.

SAdly very few adults came to this club and it turned into cheap babysitting.

Mr Gifted
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