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Hi Randy

Well, at my house this is how we do it.....

As for practice I have a 30 min. practice time.. ( I have a 4 lane track so that makes it a little easier ) ON a 2 lane track I would set the timer for say 2 to 3 mins and that allows every one time on the track....

Then we have Tech inspection....

For Qualifying we run 3 min. heats and the lap distance is totaled ( the track is divided up into section so you get a lap number and section number.... The numbered section help with tie breaking.... If someone ends up on the same section make note of who was further into the section...

Then the racers are put in their finishing order and the consolation races start..

In your case, say you have 6 racers..... 6 races 5, the winner moves up and races 4 and so on.... again we run 3 min races

This allows the less experienced drives more track time and allows someone to qualify dead last, but lets them work there way up into the main event....

hope this helps

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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