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Ninco motors only - mainly NC2 - not so good with others.

Leave in chassis with rear axle attached. Parmalube the crownwheel and contrate.

Using regulated variable power supply - 12 hours (yes 12!) at 6v. Oil bearings.

Then 12 hours at 9v. Oil again.

Then 12 Hours at 12v.

Finally - 30 secs at 12v while squirting some switch cleaner into the motor.

Got this from a tuning article on Pendle's website. Sounds crazy but it works. I did my Audi TT like this and it flies. 18 months use from the motor and still going strong.

By running in the gearing at the same time it also produces a smooth quiet mesh.

Don't try it with Scalextric motors - they won't survive the first session!

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