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I have discovered that you can view the list of members of this site by clicking on the members icon in the top right hand corner.

When viewing the list there is an "email" tab for each member to the right.

Whilst the member may not wish to make his email address public, it is possible to email the member using this tab.

When you click it a message box opens up and you simply enter your personal message and forward it to the recipient. Note that you will be making your email address known to the recipient if you do this.

Why I do not like making my email adress public is that I do not want spam. That may well be how others feel.

However, on the basis offered here, and as long as SlotForum members respect that an email address is not to be published in the public domain, then I have no problem having a two way dialogue on these terms.

This will be a very useful tool if members have something for sale. It will avoid all those Ebay and Paypal charges. So the sooner there is a "for sale" area at SlotForum the better.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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