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If you are a small producer of slot car related products and wish to make use of this facility then please PM any moderator/admin with basic details of your stuff, contact details etc and he will arrange for you to be added here. You must wait until Hobby Trader status is granted before starting any topics.

Approved Hobby Traders will each get their own subforum, with limited moderating powers, to promote their products. Please note that Plus membership is compulsory if you wish to join the scheme. Details of Plus membership can be found HERE. The fee is only €15 p.a. and provides many other benefits.

It works as follows:

1) Each Hobby Trader will have his own subforum and he is the only one allowed to start topics within it.

2) Members can reply to topics and ask questions about the product but all transactions must be made by pm or via the trader's website etc, not on the forum.

3) All transactions are between the seller and purchaser.

4) Slot Forum and its administration and moderators have no involvement or liability on sales or issues arising therefrom.

5) No disputes shall be posted on the forum. If any problems arise they should be sorted out direct with the trader.

6) Any trader who fails to keep his forum up to date, with no posts in any 12 month period, will have the facility removed.
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Not open for further replies.