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I've just tried to order some cheap SRTs from the AFX Racemasters website,

when I put in my UK address it tells me that no shipping methods are available and I should change my address,

when I click on the "contact us" link the email form does not open (I'm using open office) and I cant find an email address for the company to ask them how to place an order.

Has anyone got an email address for afx racemaster sales, or has anyone managed to order online from AFX Racemasters to the UK.


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I dont know if this will help. 2 email address and some ordering info. It worked for me.

From: [email protected]

CC: [email protected] Subject: RE: AFX Racing Contact

Very sorry but we don't have any dealers in UK at present. However, we can
ship to you direct. Here's how:

Simply place an order on the site and make a comment in the comment box on
the checkout page as follows:

"Please confirm shipping and total cost before shipping and charging my

Then we will email you with the information before shipping or charging your
card. Once you approve the total, we will ship and charge, in that order.
(In fact we never charge the card until the order has shipped.)

I have copied Des on this email so she will be on the lookout for your order
should you decide to place one.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed! We are working to sort out
distribution in Europe in the next year or so.

Many thanks for visiting the site!


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Bear in mind also John that I place group orders with a supplier out there 2/3 times a year. I can't get into too much detail, since there are guidelines for this forum, but ask any of the guys how well such deals worked for them.

One should also bear in mind the manufacturer may well not be the cheapest source. It is not in their interest to be, as they support and rely on a throughput chain.
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