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Your Prof. Motor controller will not go up in smoke if you have the wrong polarity. If for example you have a positive wired track like Carrera and a negative wired controller, you will notice that when you squeeze the trigger you will basically have an on/off switch. Maximum voltage as soon as you pull the trigger. If it has a polarity switch, just switch and your controller will work fine but you can only race in one direction. You need the controller and the track to have the same polarity in order to use the polarity switch to be able to race in both directions. So don't be afraid to connect up and test.

If you have a PM controller for Carrera and decide to rewire your track to negative than the polarity switch will only work in one direction and basically be an on/off switch in the other direction. So if you have decided to rewire Carrera then make sure you get the normal PM controller that is negative polarity.

Hope this helps,

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