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Hi all

I have been a Slot It Oxigen user for quite a while now but I still do play analog once in a while and decided to plong some money and got myself a set of SCP201BC home racing analog catridge and the CRI radio receiver

I have owned both ARC ONE and the older Sports 3.5mm powerbase and would like to know how to go about setting up the wiring and is it possible to connect to both powerbase vis the supplied banana plugs from slot it and how to go about the wiring procedures as the one page instructions for the analog catridge is very brief and the diagram is rather confusing from a non electrical noob like me

So i am hoping someone from this forum who had experience on setting up slot it analog catridge to this two type of Scalextric powerbase and help me with it

So for the only details i know is that for Scalextric connections is using Common positive or Negative wiring and I need to remove the J1 jumper before the wiring but the diagram chart shown are confusing to me

And the ARC ONE connector is using a rather propriety design so do i really have to sacrifice a controller just so i can wire it to the catridge

And can i still keep the end point of the catridge side as male banana plugs so that i will be more versatile and can be plug into other clubhouse system as well

attached some photos for clearer view on the items that i have and thanks



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I would :

Drop the scalextrixc analog powerbase.

Disable the power to the lanes from the arc one powerbase, in order to use it for timing only

Make my own connection to the track for analog cartridge, via regulated powersupply, following the standard guides for analog track wiring.

It may sound a little difficult, but it is not that bad.
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