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Let me introduce oneself.
As a restarter in the model hobby as a 55+, with a lot of experience with Marklin H0 and Faller A.M.S including the digital controler from ESU the Ecos ( Esu Comand Station ) what is a multy protocol system as there are Marklin Motorola 28 steps- DCC 128 steps - Selectrix with 35 adresses and progamme in bits - and LGB ( the big scale)
Live in a town between Amersfoort and Zwolle in the Netherlands ( Holland )
So now what i have in use.
Started with a Scalextric set no.C 1274 and C 1203
Upgraded with the digital C 7042 and 3 handcontrollers C 7002
Some R1 - 3 - 4 and straights total traclenght apro. 14 meters.

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Hi and welcome L-J, someone from my original "moederland"

Another digital user to join the clan!

Lots of info and knowledge on the forum, hope you enjoy your stay.

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Forgot to mention it before, but welcome aboard. Tends to be testosterone central around here at times. But on the whole they're mostly harmless.... mostly.

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