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Howmet's Happy Hour progress...

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Beejay won the prize for nominating the world's ugliest car, the Xylon, in the "Howmet's Happy Hour Part II" thread, which Howmet undertook to build. I was blown away by Beejay's nomination and have been patiently but anxiously waiting to see Howmet's progress.

It's been a while and I think that even Beejay has given up waiting, having removed his taunting (or should that be haunting?) signature picture. No doubt progress is being made in secret as every now and then there are some references to the project by Howmet, the most recent being a reference to Jackie Stewart's rear-end. The problem, I think, is that Howmet builds all his projects in the same closet where he stores his collection of Razzle.

Hopefully my own version won't take as long... the body is being made by Derick Thesnaar from Cape Town:-

The mould just needs to be cleaned up a bit before vacuum-forming gets underway. There will be a couple of 'pulls' for you too, Howmet and Beejay, in exchange for a pullover, of course!

Here's a reminder of what the real car looks like:-

Did I mention that it's a really tiny car?

Kind regards,

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QUOTE wish that you had posted them earlier.... before the mould was made
I notice the exhaust is omitted on the Mikansue model - maybe it's not an "universal" feature.
QUOTE There are more pictures of the chassis etc. in the book, if anyones interested I can scan and post them?

Does it give any more indication of the exhaust exit/shape/position?
Thougth I might as well post the rest of the pics, I think I might build a scale replica wooden car out of balsa!

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Love that second pic - is that the Luton equivalent of tossing the cabre?
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I think Phil's picture of the prototype car with the Lotus Seven'ish nose would make an even more appealing model.

Forget about the exhaust pipe JP, there are more important issues to consider.

I'm afraid I still can't make out where the third Cylon would fit in the car, as did we mention it's really tiny, and only a Cylon of Harry Porsche type stature, (following his recent crash diet), would fit in the back.



PS Decals are drying.....nearly there.
QUOTE Forget about the exhaust pipe JP, there are more important issues to consider. pills, my pills, where are my pills?
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That's all the pictures of the Xylon that there are.
There is some other pretty wierd stuff though, will post a few pics in a new thread later.
Oh Dear.....All those of a nervous disposition, please turn away now.

The Xzylon is finished..............

Chassis is straighforward PCB with 23K motor and pod. Gears are as are axles. Guide is TSRF and wheels are Scalextrix Lotus 7.

Here it is toying with another car I picked up recently from somewhere or other, (did seem to have a lot of sand in it).

By the way did I mention how tiny it is?...........


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QUOTE All those of a nervous disposition, please turn away now
No problem Alan - I've taken the tablets and I'm viewing through safety glasses.

Nice job! Are those home made decals? What did you use? I was thinking of using Crafty clear on my car although I've run into "density" problems with none white shells in the past. Might be OK 'cause of the black roundels though?

Btw, did you photograph the chassis too - I'd like to see that. How does it handle with that 23k motor? You didn't take Fergy's advice on that one I hope
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I'd like to see the chassis too. This is a small car, right?
Sheesh, the braid is almost too wide to fit between the tires
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Now I know who had the Jag I wanted!!! Alan you are a marked man.

Nice job with the Zxylon.

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QUOTE (JohnP @ 24 Jul 2004, 11:41)Love that second pic - is that the Luton equivalent of tossing the cabre?

John - It reminds me of the time at school when we pushed the sports teachers Reliant Robin over the playing fields, picked it up and parked it in a hockey goal. I'm much more sensible these days.

Alan - I love your car but I bet it's a handful with that screamer of a motor and those skinny tyres!

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Looks ummm.... errr... this hurts.... looks great, Beejay!

QUOTE How does it handle with that 23k motor? You didn't take Fergy's advice on that one I hope

Obviously not.... it's only a 23K...
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Gentlemen....You want more punishment?

This is the basic chassis and how it fits beneath the bodywork, (I use the term loosly). I'm afraid I painted this one which makes it more difficult to see. All PCB with solid front brass Axle. Three mounts to the body used , I think you can just make out the rear two.

This is the top of the chassis. Very easy, and quick to knock up.

John...The decals are mine, produced with Powerpoint and printed on a simple HP Printer/Scanner/Copier onto Craftycomputer White decal paper. I've only just got into printing my own following your good advice.

The motor is a littlr cracker, the best one in's excellent range IMHO. Plently of low down grunt, and I can get those little wheels to spin fairly easily. The magnet is in at the moment, and the car seems to run pretty well, roughly on a par with my Ninco healey.

I must say the gear mesh is not as smooth as my other set ups, I do hope I haven't got one of those iffy pinions Maurizio was on about in another thread!.

Fergy...The motor is of course temporary, as I'm waiting to fit one of your Demon Strap Motors.
You do have some left don't you?........or are they all fitted to your stable of 60's F1 cars?.


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Very neat work Alan.

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