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Howmet's Happy Hour progress...

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Beejay won the prize for nominating the world's ugliest car, the Xylon, in the "Howmet's Happy Hour Part II" thread, which Howmet undertook to build. I was blown away by Beejay's nomination and have been patiently but anxiously waiting to see Howmet's progress.

It's been a while and I think that even Beejay has given up waiting, having removed his taunting (or should that be haunting?) signature picture. No doubt progress is being made in secret as every now and then there are some references to the project by Howmet, the most recent being a reference to Jackie Stewart's rear-end. The problem, I think, is that Howmet builds all his projects in the same closet where he stores his collection of Razzle.

Hopefully my own version won't take as long... the body is being made by Derick Thesnaar from Cape Town:-

The mould just needs to be cleaned up a bit before vacuum-forming gets underway. There will be a couple of 'pulls' for you too, Howmet and Beejay, in exchange for a pullover, of course!

Here's a reminder of what the real car looks like:-

Did I mention that it's a really tiny car?

Kind regards,

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As the shell and chassis are now complete I thought I'd post a few work in progress pictures:

The trickiest parts to do were the headlamps. I had a go at using the clear vacuum moulding supplied by Russell but the parts were just too small and fiddly for ol' sausage fingers yours truly to cut and shape well. Instead I filled the holes up with green stuff, painted them silver and the dropped a blob of superglue on top to form the lenses. Not too bad considering it was a real moosh up!

The inserts for the side and tail lights were made from FIMO clay and the exhaust plastic tube with piano wire inside to hold it to shape.

As with Alan's car the decals were homemade this time to resemble Russell's picture of number 86.

Sheesh, this car is small. Did anyone mention that?
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Can you post some enlargements, JP- I can barely see that thing...
Spot on John.

My goodness it is Tiny!.


Nice work, JP!
... well, it seems to be anyway.... from what I can make out through these dark glasses...

QUOTE My goodness it is Tiny!.

Yes.... won't deslot but may disappear into it!
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If it wasn't a Xylon I would say that looks very nice John.

Alan and JP -- most impressive!

As a result of your committment, Bath and Stockport have been spared from invasion.... I can't say the same for Twickenham....

In fact, the advance force - suitably disguised as rugby fans - are entering the stadium as we speak....

Size does not matter....
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Yowzer, those are scary! Hope it doesn't rain - wouldn't want to be in howmet's shoes just now

Still, the pit crew are a nice bunch of lads once you get to know them:

And, now the epoxy has set on the body mounting posts here is a chassis shot to round off:

Not a bad little runner all in all. Quite pleased

So, thank you again Russell
I just wish you'd made it more clear how tiny this car really is!
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Russell.....Are you sure they are part of the invasion fleet?.......I seem to remember they had one red eye which moved from side to side and I don't recall they had a shape like that!, but perhaps they are heavily disguised?

John is that Howmet in the pit with that chainsaw?....Perhaps he thinks the Xzylon was manufactured by Vanquish and is looking to reduce it in scale.

What I don't think he realises is just how tiny that car is!.


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