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Howmet's Home-mades Part X

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Now Rail's Cunningham's out of the way, the next project worms it's way onto the vacant space on the bench. The Howmet was so much fun to make, I wanna do another 60s sports prototype.
And since Scalextric have made my other year long project redundant with their newly announced P4, what better than that other great Le Mans classic of '67, the original Gulf Mirage-Ford?
As far as I know, no-one else does it, and unless anyone out there knows of any other manufacturer planning to do it, I shall continue whittling and grinding and puttying until Jackie Ickx's streamlined GT40 hits the Howburgring.
This is a gentle lead in to a request for any nice detail photos that anyone might have. I'm working from the old Model Cars plans and a few random magazine shots for now, but I've never known the Slot Forum Press Archive Collective to let me down with informed info and inside knowledge.
I promise I'll run off some casts when I'm finished whittling if you can keep me supplied with the visuals!

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I have a john bacon glass one I will chech how close it is to scale.

Looks like Russell is looking for a Can Am body for this years proxy race!

Thanks again everyone. I'm well into it now- I have a rough cast that looks about right, and I'm getting into the detailing. Still havn't worked out how to do the louvres on the rear deck though...
Oh yeah, Russell! The Shadow! I'm afraid that slipped off the list. No response was forthcoming from Vic Elford Fan...
But yes- I must have a crack at that. Too tasty to forget.
Um- plans?

Pasties and three-armed sweaters all round, chaps!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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