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Discussion Starter · #1 · HRS sidewinder chassis kit, ready to run and mount your favorite body shell on.

The idea sprang to light when I was trying the find a quicker motor to mount in my Cartrix Honda NXS, and the 'not very round' wheels needed changing as well.

The HRS chassis is ideal for mounting in the Honda NXS as well as my Ferrari 575 GTC from Carrera which has an over complicated chassis with two magnets, reverse switch and a wiring loom that would not look out of place in a real car! I race at Molesey Slot Car Club which has a wooden track so this chassis is ideal for the job, we are also thinking about running a class for this chassis, run as standard with your choice of GT body.

Any thoughts?

link to my site for pictures:
HRS pics


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It may be a good idea - at least for those who made the chassis and sells them!
You buy a car for £25-£35 and can only use the body and maybe the engine and then you have to pay £20-£30 for the chassis.
Why don't the peoply who makes the cars, make better chassis and then let us pay £35-£40 for a car?

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Just thinking aloud here...

What if I had 2 HRS chassis and a club raced...

Sports Cars Class 1. Injection moulded bodies

a. LMP bodies (open top) eg Audi R8, MG Lola, Reynard 2KQ
b. LMPGT bodies (closed top) eg Audi R8C, Bentley, Toyota TS020
c. GT bodies (closed top) eg Porsche 911, Saleen, Corvette

Sports Cars Class 2. Vacuum formed bodies
a. b. c. as above

Touring Cars Class 1. Injection moulded bodies

Touring Cars Class 2. Vacuum formed bodies

Historics Class 1. Injection moulded bodies

Historics Class 2. Vacuum formed bodies

All bodies to be a reasonable representation of the full size car... (Granted that this rule would need some clarification....)

(F1 cars to remain as per manufacturers chassis eg SCX, Ninco etc)

With a bit of careful planning on the racers behalf it should be possible to accomodate the above classes or a combination of these during a nights racing.

Would this reduce the number of spares needed?
Vac formed shells are typically less than €10.
People would not necessarily have to spend £25-£35 for a car just to use the body.

What do others think?

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The whole point, in my opinion, of running more than one class is the difference in driving style that they require. Some people's driving styles enable them to win spectacularly in one class whilst running near the back of the field in others. Obviously there are still some drivers who can win in virtually everything, but I think it's good to have variety.

For me, I don't care what the car looks like (I want to bring back thingies!) so I wouldn't be concerned with changing bodies. Although the ease of changing motors over in the HRS chassis (what with no body screws, and only 4, possibly 2 motor screws) especially if you use quick connectors for the guide / motor wires, is a massive plus in my book. It would mean quick swapping of, say a fast motored, magneted mount, for a slower non-magnet mount. This would be changing from an LMP car to a rally car for example.

Unfortunatly, my club doesn't allow any Slot.It parts, and only the Porsche challenge allows the HRS, so I don't get to run these that often.

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