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The whole point, in my opinion, of running more than one class is the difference in driving style that they require. Some people's driving styles enable them to win spectacularly in one class whilst running near the back of the field in others. Obviously there are still some drivers who can win in virtually everything, but I think it's good to have variety.

For me, I don't care what the car looks like (I want to bring back thingies!) so I wouldn't be concerned with changing bodies. Although the ease of changing motors over in the HRS chassis (what with no body screws, and only 4, possibly 2 motor screws) especially if you use quick connectors for the guide / motor wires, is a massive plus in my book. It would mean quick swapping of, say a fast motored, magneted mount, for a slower non-magnet mount. This would be changing from an LMP car to a rally car for example.

Unfortunatly, my club doesn't allow any Slot.It parts, and only the Porsche challenge allows the HRS, so I don't get to run these that often.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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