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Not splitting, so please don't ask, cars and accesories on here soon, if you want to start a club or similar from scratch, I have the lot, contact me as I'm selling up...

The list of track is:

C8206 Standard R2 curve 52
C8205 Straight 38
C8207 Half striaght 16
C7016 Single lane half straight (pit) 10
C8295 Elevated cross over 6
C8202 Inner curve R1 4
C7036 Lane change straight 4
C8203 Curve cross over 4
C8204 Outer curve R3 2
C8201 Radius hairpin 2
C8200 Quarter straight 2
C7000 Lane change sensor track 2
C8235 Outer outer curve R4 2
C8246A Start side swipe straight 1
C8246B End side swipe straight 1
PB6 PB pro 1.8SH + all SSDC cables 1
C7014B End pit lane left hand 1
C7009/10 In to out lane change 1
C7014 Pit lane left hand, inc Pit Pro and all cables 1
C7007/08 Out to in lane change 1
C8210 Cross road 1

PM me if you are interested, collection only due to bulk, from near Chester, England.



1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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