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A nice one Gerard!
It's amazingly good quality - watchable at full screen resolution.

I find the best way to download these is to right click on the link and select Save target as . . .
Once downloaded you can play it any time you like without having to DL again.

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Great video!

Good thing you didn't pass where the car was off in the gravel. I didn't see the waved yellows but I could only assume they were there and the stewards would have had issue if you passed.

AND WOW does that white wall pop up quickly and look pretty daunting from the drivers eye!!

Ken R

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I used a Canon Ixus II digital camera. Put it on de back off a Fly Porsche
I used foam tape to fix the camera on the car.
Put some lead in de front off the car.
LINE UP. Start camera, start racing.
Racing at half speed gives the best results. Full speed is much much to fast for a movie like this.
Let drive someone else the opposite car (in this case the GT40) just a little in front of the camera car.
After a lap you stop the car, stop the camera camera, upload on your PC and have fun again!


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Sheesh! He talks of reducing file size then waps that 100K signature image at us.

The cheek of the lad.

Nice video.

Media Cleaner Pro is a good tool for this stuff.
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