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I Caught The Slot-Car Bug... again..

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Used to be a frequent user on this forum many years ago when i was obsessed by it.

It was only a few weeks ago when i thought i was cured from this slot car-bug and could resist from buying Scalextric again, But how wrong was i..
i recently visited the new West fields shopping centre in London and saw that model-zone was having a huge sales on.... yup.. scalextric. The urge to buy a set was too great and i gave into temptation.
After walking out of the shop with Two scalextric sets and a bunch of auto-art cars, i finally realised i was not cured

I currently live in Central london now as a full time university student studying architecture, so if anyone knows any central Slot Car clubs, I would love to go and check it out.

Saleen S7
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You can never be cured of the slot bug, resistance is futile. Having decided I had enough on my plate at the moment with various 1:1 car projects I made a firm commitment not to spend any money on slot cars for some time. I had a relapse about 3 hours ago and became convinced I needed an SCX Crono set so had to order one
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