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I have been experimenting with printing slotcar bodies on my Ender 3 Pro filament printer. Not having the skill to create my own 3D models I have been scanning the web and especially the Cults3D website for body models I can purchase and download.

I don't need to tell you it is a frustrating experience. The search features on the existing 3D model websites... Well, they suck. Search for something like a Ferrari 612 and you get hundreds of false hits -- including tons of damn silly and completely irrelevant stuff -- seasoned with just a few relevant models of varying completeness, accuracy and quality. Far too often even with the most intelligent and diligent searching you come away with nothing useful.

So, my fantasy...

How about a website dedicated exclusively to printable, purchasable slotcar body files, searchable by marque, model, racing series, years of production, and authors of said files. And while I'm shooting for the moon, have said collections curated by somebody qualified to judge the quality of those files and include only those that meet reasonable standards.

Customers of this catalog would have a way to feedback their own experience with files they purchased and printed. Each file listing could include Amazon-like customer ratings and reviews. Customers would also have a way to request specific models and correspond with featured authors.

Oh I'm asking a lot. But you're allowed to when you're spinning a fantasy. Would that wishing made it so!

Ed Bianchi
York Pennsylvania USA
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