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as mentioned in the P68 thread, I've had a busy couple of weeks finishing off some projects:

Here's one of the recent MRRC Cobra Ford kits built 'like it says on the box'

Next is a Lotus 30 - This is one of the recent Tamiya releases. This was my first attempt at masking - I used Howmet's lacquer pre-coat techniqe, but wasn't generous enough in a couple of places so I did have some bleed-through (quickly covered with some of the green sprayed in a jar and painted on with a brush). Running gear is all EJ's.

Here's an MRRC Porsche 904 decorated in the Scuderia Filipinetti livery. I tried to make the decals first myself with my inkjet and wasn't completey satisfied, so the decals were kindly done by Iceman for me. The white around the headlamps caused a bit of a headache until I was inspired to use the decals (black) from the kit. I transferred them to some masking tape and then cut around the inside to make a mask.

This is an original Monogram Cobra Ford body which I salvaged. It was missing the engine detail so I've used a Maxi Models detailing peice and I made the funky pipes out of some metal tubing. The livery is all made up - these were decals which I did on my printer - they worked a lot better on a lighter background.

Now we have one of the Bauer Cheetah's. The body casting is beautiful, with a full interior, but I did have some trouble getting the chassis to sit right. I think it's OK now though.

Finally here's an MRRC Ferrari 275P kit modified and decorated to be Mario Andretti's first (?) drive from Bridgehampton in 1964. I filled in the holes for the wing and also took a dremel to to windshield to get the shape. Decals once again by Iceman.

Hope these are of interest!

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