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· Allan Wakefield
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I know the Internet and privacy / security is a big thing these days ( well for a long time actually ) and appreciate most people keep private except for IDs.

But we can help each other ( and there have been posts in many forums for info' ) by, at the very minimum, editing your profile to include your Geographic location.
You never know it might get you in touch with some guys you never knew were near you !

It also makes us that much closer here in my view.

Anyway - NO pressure it was just a simple request..

· DT
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Since I gave up my "life in crime" I have found that there is not that much of a need to go overboard with Internet privacy. Nobody is looking for me anymore.

This board hides email addresses very well so you don't see other peoples addresses unless they electively write to you first.

We sometimes are overly paranoid about protecting ourselves
- we hide our location, don't give out our names and we mask our car number plates, but think about it a second... is it really necessary? Is someone on the Internet going to "steal" your identity or nick your car? I doubt it.

- Doug, AKA: Nuro
(number plate: 0001FLY)
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