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my Prof. Motor Controller (silver series, carrera plug)? Can I simply get a mini-jack for a scalextric classic base (which only has one black band on the plug, I guess b/c it only has two conductors or wires) and leave the red wire unplugged? Do I have to de-solder it from the board inside the controller?

I have found that the "Pacer" system works extremely well. I have upgraded the power using a simple MRC 260 model train transformer which has both AC and DC outputs. I power the "Pacer" lane with the AC output and the otherlane with the DC output. I am using a parma 45 ohm controller, but it is "sticky" and I just think the Prof. Motor controllers feel smoother in my hand and on the track. The power upgrade seemed to help with ease of programming or "recording" (I have been thinking along the veins of audio like one of the other members today) and I believe that with the right controller, the Pacer will really perform well. Right now, if I program a very smooth and moderate lap, the "Pacer" will repeat it well enough that I can adjust the power to near full on the Pacer unit, get the tail hangin' out in 3 of 5 corners consistently and have the car running so quickly that I can often get in front of it, but not without de-slotting within five laps. The "Ghost" has not lost yet...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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